Through Don't Skip A Meal, you will get the individualized support you need and can trust. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, I am here to help YOU learn that skipping meals isn't acceptable! Whether you are finding it difficult to incorporate meals into your day or you find it hard to boil water, we will create an individualized plan to fit your daily needs through one-on-one consultations. It will be essential for you to learn how to make the right food choices. Once we get you feeling more comfortable with the foods you eat, you will have the confidence in any situation that may be presented to you. I want you to feel comfortable eating foods that you like, so we will discuss food likes and dislikes and create meal plans that are fun and easy! If you find it difficult to find these healthy, nutritious foods at the grocery- no worries- I will take you on a tour through any grocery store to show you how easy it is to locate healthy items and create easy meals!

Healthful eating is considered a fundamental key to success when maintaining balance. When it comes to the popularity of fad diets, many may confuse healthy eating with following the rules of certain diets. According to research, restrictive eating doesn't result in long-term reduced weight, but it also causes those who try to lose weight to regain the lost weight. Mindful eating has benefits and I want to help you potentially adopt this approach. I want to you to LOVE food the way I do, and STOP thinking that skipping meals is acceptable. Living life to the "foodest" (see what I did there) is the best way to live! We will keep things fairly simple- ignore the bad stuff and stay away from fad diets- all without EVER skipping a meal!   

Research shows that skipping meals zaps energy, cuts back opportunities to consume adequate amounts of the nutrients your body needs, and can lead to unhealthy dietary patterns. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I try to live as healthy of a lifestyle that I can. Believe me- I have my hurdles! I know that it can be overwhelming, difficult, and frustrating at times to reach your goals and achieve the lifestyle change you've always wanted. I want to share my passion for nutrition all through food and share my philosophy on how we should nourish our bodies (after all, we only have one to take care of!) I whole-heartedly believe that focusing on counting calories isn't what's important. Eating healthy doesn’t mean foregoing all your favorite foods and guilty pleasures, but planning and forethought changes everything. The fewer food decisions you’re making on the spot (whether your starving, rushed, tired or tipsy..) the better.

Making a permanent lifestyle change can be scary. I get that. But this experience should be exciting as you witness a new control over your health, life, and appearance.